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StudyGuideIndia Publication focuses on Education and Career related Books, Charts and CDs. All our materials are very unique and updated every year based on Govt. and Education body’s policy changes.

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We always produce research materials to address specific Education and Career such as what to Study? Where to Study? How to get an Education Loan? How to Track Entrance Exams? How to find a suitable job? Etc. Our Publication will engage top industry experts to do complete research and apply data warehousing and data mining techniques to gather the data and document them with user friendly manner.

For example, finding a comprehensive material for Entrance Exams in India is very difficult. Our Research Team analyzed this need and came up with a complete solution for this challenge. Our Team identified 340 such entrance exams in All India and State level and developed a book “Entrance to Entrance” to list them with proper order by all India and state level and by education discipline like engineering, medical etc and provided all the exam details. But entrance exam date can’t be printed in a book as it will be changing every year. To address this, we came up with “India Entrance Exam” mobile apps in iPhone and Android phones and updating the date everyday as and when it gets released. Students can refer our book for exam details and refer to Mobile Apps for tracking the dates. This is new to the publishing industry and very much appreciated by students, parents and educationalist to provide such a comprehensive and complete solution for any education and career industry problem. Currently StudyGuideIndia Publication has the following books that can be purchased online.

  1. What to Study? Where to Study? (Available in English & Tamil versions)
  2. Entrance to Entrance (English)
  3. Looking for JOB? (English)
  4. How to choose a Course after +2? (Available in English & Tamil versions)
  5. Education Loan and Scholarship Guide (Available in English & Tamil versions)
  6. What to Study? - Chart

Since we produce unique research materials these contents are updated every year based on education policy and other market changes. Many NGOs, CSR and other Individuals sponsor our books and charts to various schools and use this as materials for their career guidance programs.

We are very open to get a feedback from students, parents, and educationalist and constantly improving our books to make this as useful material for their education and career. We wish to take our research materials to all the students who are looking for right guidance in all possible channels. Our publishing goal is to develop unique solutions and translate them into regional languages along with English that will help rural students to benefit more.

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