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Wintelligence Systems Private Limited is a premier education and career guidance company in India offering various research and innovative services to the School Education, College Education, Jobs and Careeer. We help students to study their interest and choose the right education and career choices suitable for them.

Wintelligence is a social entrepreneurship organization to offer our valuable services in English and regional languages like Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada etc. Our aim is it to balance the rural and urban education system by offering innovative technology services in various forms to empower rural students.

We have different divisions focusing on specific areas:

  1. School Education
  2. Wintelligence offers very specialized services to India’s school sector. Our first and primary service is listing all kinds of Indian schools in our unique school portal www.SchoolListIndia.Com. We have listed 13Lakh+ schools first time in India. This listing is at state and district level with advance search with various parameters. We have identified the Indian schools into following categories:

    • State Board Schools
    • CBSE Schools
    • ICSE/ISC Schools
    • Kendra Vidyalaya Schools
    • Navodaya Vidyalaya Schools
    • Sainik Schools in India
    • Chinmaya Mission Schools
    • International Schools in India.
  3. College Education
  4. is a complete education portal providing extensive information on the education and academic resources available in India. The website provides a wide choice of colleges and courses for the students to pursue their studies, giving detailed information about the courses and the colleges. The main aim is to guide and train the students to choose the right course from a variety of courses offered by various Colleges and Universities in India. The website also provides extensive information on the education loan and scholarship front giving step by step instruction for the students on how to go about obtaining the same, the process and procedure etc.

  5. Careers & Jobs
  6. is the ultimate job portal which provides for the listing of jobs, registration of candidates and providing suitable openings in line with mutual requirements of both employers and aspiring candidates.

    The sole aim of this portal is to mitigate the gap that exists between completion of studies and finding a suitable opening in line with that. The portal provides various useful services including how to face Job interviews, Resume writing, Dress code and various other tips which are very useful for an aspiring candidate making him fully prepared to meet the real world requirements.

  7. StudyGuideIndia Publishing:

  8. This division focuses on bring out very unique and useful Education and Career related books, Charts and CDs Publishing.



We will be a globally respected organization in Education and Career Guidance

Mission Statement

Wintelligence is committed to support Education, Career Guidance and Soft Skill development areas which help the students and Job seekers to frame their career in their natural skill set and areas of interest. Wintelligence creates solutions to address challenges faced by rural students and Job Seekers to achieve their most ambitious goals and making their Dream come true. Our aim is to create a platform to offer solution for all education and career needs.

Wintelligence Advantage

Wintelligence has the right set of tools and expert mentors to guide the aspiring student & jobseeker community to survive in the competitive market and satisfy the customers, organizations to find the right people for the right job. This is becoming a major challenge for most organizations. The gap between the market demands and the quality of graduates produced by the institutes is well understood by the Wintelligence team. The primary focus of the Wintelligence team is to guide/groom the candidates according to market standards. This will ensure ‘best-fit’ for both the organizations and the job-seekers.